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Surgery and new Pharmacological strategy in some atherosclerotic chronic and acute conditions

Luisetto M*, Nili-Ahmadabadi B and Ghulam Rasool Mashori

Published: 18 August, 2017 | Volume 1 - Issue 1 | Pages: 042-048


In actual pharmacological therapy we can see that some drugs can be added to other medical instruments to improve their activity: in example we can see medicated stent for some coronary disease, or hormonal medical devices used in pregnancy prevention, but other example are known today. In example Carmustine wafer is delivered by delivery systems in some brain cancer and radioactive seed implants in prostatic cancer. Ocular intra vitreal implants for some macular degenerations (MABS or cortisones) other implants delivery systems drugs, naltrexone implant for opiate dependence. Other strategies imply carrier use to deliver the drugs in the site of action: In example MABS linked to radioactive isotopes in some relapse of severe Hodgkin disease but many other example we can see in therapy used today. So we can think that other chronic conditions can be treated using a combination of drugs with other instrument to improve the clinical outcomes. This to make possible that the ERLICH MUGIC BULLETS can act in the right site reducing the side effect. In example today we can see various medical interventional radiological strategy to treat in coronary and hearth disease with medicate stents positioning or to local use of contrast agents or other valvle surgery procedures with global good clinical results.

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Surgery; Atherosclerotic disease; Pharmacology; Drug delivery systems; Cardiology; Cardiac surgery; CHOF


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