Case Report

Intra-abdominal testicular tumour--A case report

Sardar Rezaul Islam*, Shafiqur Rahman, Shahalam Sarkar and Debabrata Paul

Published: 17 October, 2018 | Volume 2 - Issue 2 | Pages: 025-028

A 35-year-old man presented with swelling in the lower abdomen for 2 months. He was found to have left undescended testis. An ultrasound scan showed a solid floating pelvic mass. His chest x-ray and tumour markers for testicular cancer were normal. Exploratory laparotomy revealed the left intra-abdominal testicular tumour. Intra-abdominal left orchiectomy was performed. The patient made an uneventful recovery. Histology showed immature seminoma. A mass in the lower abdomen with a cryptorchidic testis strongly points towards the diagnosis of malignancy in abdominal testis. To prevent this complication all undescended testis gets orchiopexy before 2nd year or orchiectomy in post-adolescent life. But some cases remain unnoticed, which leads to this kind of presentation. So, we decided to present this rare and interesting case of intra-abdominal testicular tumour.

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Undescended testis; Testicular cancer; Seminoma


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    Sardar Rezaul Islam*, Shafiqur Rahman, Shahalam Sarkar and Debabrata Paul Sardar Rezaul Islam*,Shafiqur Rahman, Shahalam Sarkar,Debabrata Paul. Intra-abdominal testicular tumour--A case report. . 2018 doi: 10.29328/journal.ascr.1001019; 2: 025-028

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