Case Report

Acute necrotising pancreatitis masquerading as psoas abscess: A report of two cases

Praveenkumar M Patil*, Kartik Sharma and Navneet Kaur

Published: 15 July, 2020 | Volume 4 - Issue 2 | Pages: 018-021

Acute pancreatitis is commonly diagnosed clinically, with its classical presentation of upper abdominal pain, backed by raised serum levels of enzymes amylase and lipase. However, unusual presentation of this common surgical emergency as a psoas abscess is a rare finding which can lead to missed diagnosis with a fatal outcome.

We present here two such cases of acute necrotising pancreatitis masquerading as psoas abscess, with no classical clinical symptoms and only mildly raised levels of serum amylase and lipase. The region of pancreas involved by necrosis influenced the site of presentation of the psoas abscess. In the first case, acute necrotising pancreatitis involving head and neck of pancreas presented as psoas abscess presenting in the right lumbar region, while the left side collection due to pancreatitis involving body and tail of pancreas manifested as an abscess in left flank.

While evaluating the aetiology of a psoas abscess, a differential diagnosis of necrotizing pancreatitis should be kept as a possibility.

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Acute necrotizing pancreatitis; Psoas abscess; Pancreatic fistula; Step up approach


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