Figure 4.4

Scrotal Hydroceles not associated with Patent Processus Vaginalis in Children

Masao Endo*, Fumiko Yoshida, Masaharu Mori, Miwako Nakano, Toshiya Morimura, Yasuharu Ohno and Makoto Komura

Published: 02 May, 2018 | Volume 2 - Issue 1 | Pages: 005-012


Figure 4.4:

Representative histopathological findings of the hydrocele wall (H&E original magnification x 100). 1 Pt.2 (Y.K.), Thickened hydrocele wall containing dilated lymph vessels and cremaster muscle fibers. 2 Pt.3 (N.S.), Proliferation of markedly dilated lymph vessels. 3 Pt.4 (N.F.), A wall lined by flattened mesotherial cells, containing proliferated blood vessels and lymph vessels. Neutrophil infiltrations are scattered. 4 Pt.5 (Y.I.), Loupe magnification showing a thickened tunica vaginalis wall, reaching up to 5.1 mm in thickness, with dense connective tissue. Most of mesothelial linings are degenerated and falling. Abbreviations: arrow, mesothelial linings; double arrow, blood vessels; triple arrow, lymph vessels; fourfold arrow, cremaster muscle fibers.

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